Counselling for young people

When we are young, people often give us advice or tell us what we should do, and there are rules to follow. It can feel important to fit in with our friends and peers. So, we might end up listening to other people’s opinions and thoughts, more than our own. Sometimes we forget to listen to ourselves altogether.

As we are growing up, we can have strong emotions that change very quickly or new feelings that we aren’t sure about. Emotions can feel confusing and overwhelming. It can be difficult to understand what is happening.

Having someone to talk to who wants to hear what is important to you, can really help.

In counselling, we use drawing, sand tray, and play therapy, as well as talking. It’s not always easy to find the words and you may find it easier to express yourself creatively and directly. I offer a safe, comfortable, contained place for you to explore what ever is troubling you. I will really listen to you fully and I won’t try to give you advice or tell you what you should do, although I can offer some tools and tips if you’d like. Counselling is a chance for you to understand how you are feeling, what you need and what you want to do.

I am highly experienced in talking with young people about issues that concern them, like relationships, anxiety, body image, school pressures, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. I can help you to understand your thoughts, feelings and relationships and find ways to cope that work for you.

Counselling is confidential (there are a couple of exceptions which we will talk about at the beginning). So whatever you bring to counselling won’t be repeated to teachers, doctors, or your parents.