About Counselling

Counselling is a confidential, non-judgemental space. It is a space to talk, to be yourself, to work through problems and concerns you have, or to just be, without any judgement. It is like pressing the pause button on every day life, and taking the time to reflect and process what is happening.

Counselling works best when the relationship feels safe, respectful, curious, encouraging – finding someone you feel comfortable with is the most important first step.

Counselling can involve talking about painful experiences and emotions, confusing situations and difficult decisions, and sometimes overwhelming events. It is important we work at a slow and steady pace, to gently feel our way through what the impact is on you and discover what you need to feel more steady in yourself.

Counselling helps clients to find their own way forward, to discover their own solutions and strengths. It isn’t for the counsellor to provide advice and direction but to facilitate the process of enquiry into what is happening in thoughts, emotions and actions. As such, it is a very personal process, and a unique one for each client.

I bring experience and understanding of encouraging mindful awareness, to look more deeply at how you are responding in relationships, how you think about what is happening, what feelings keep arising for you and how these processes relate to your past and can keep you stuck. If we slow down and bring mindful awareness to what is happening and how we ‘do ourselves’, we begin to see more choices and to live life more in tune with our core values.

Counselling sessions can include talking, drawing, sand tray, ‘listening’ to the inside of your body, movement and mindfulness practice, resting – together we can find out what works best for you.